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The Secret Adventures of Theo and Reuben
A book by Julie Matthews
 Josie with her two grandsons
Hugo and Louis
Here are just a few messages from readers about the book.

“If you have young children, or like me, a young grandchild, I can thoroughly recommend this beautifully crafted book with story and art-work all done solely by singer/song-writer/preformer/ recording engineer/artist/story-teller and thoroughly lovely human-being, the incomparable Julie Mathews. Initially written for her one year old twin great nephews Theo and Reuben, some sensible person suggested she put it into print. A very special gift for our very special little ones!”

Paul Hart


“My copy arrived today and I must say it is beautifully written and illustrated and I have enjoyed reading it very much. It will now take pride of place on my bookshelf ready to read to my great grandchildren when I have some!

It's a must have for anyone with young children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. Or even for yourself!”

Irene Dickenson 

“Julie Matthews, the boys adore your book! In Hugo’s words, ‘it’s amazing!’ Xxx” Angelina Han


“It really is a beautiful read”

Mandy Bellman


‘I’ve received my books Julie and must say it’s absolutely beautiful. I read it straight away and can’t wait to pass them on to my little friends. ❤️❤️”

Brenda Puckering


“I shed a tear reading this amazing book, It is truly magical and the illustrations are adorable. It’s perfect.”

Tracy Siddons

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