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Song Cards

Following last year’s art project of my first ever children’s book, ‘The Secret Adventures of Theo and Reuben’, I’ve taken a different turn this year and have created a series I’m calling ‘Song Cards’. Each greeting card features an illustration inspired by one of my songs with a line or two of the lyrics on the front. The complete Lyric is printed on the back of the card, the inside is left blank for your own message.
I’ve tried to pick songs that contain a sentiment or message that you might want to send to someone; a friend, loved one, Mum, Dad, neighbour or anyone who might need a pick me up.
I think we’ve all struggled with this last lockdown. Winter has made it all feel more gloomy and oppressive so this has been my way of keeping sane and giving me a creative outlet.
Each card is professionally printed in A5, comes with an envelope and is priced at £3.95 each inc. P+P (UK only)
You can also buy a 4 pack collection. There are 3 to choose from and these are priced at £14.95 inc. P+P (UK only)

Delivery to Europe and the rest of the world is only available on song collections and the postage costs are added at the bottom of the page.

embrace lyric.JPG


Yearning to hug again

Hope Springs.JPG
hope springs lyric.JPG

Hope Springs

The darkest night has the brightest star, just as the deepest sadness has come from, and can once again lead to utter joy.


Because sometimes we need to look up at the infinite stars to know we are connected to something beyond ourselves.

stardust lyric.JPG
Button Moon.JPG
button lyric.JPG

Button Moon

Living in and enjoying the moment

One Step.JPG
one step lyric.JPG

One Step to the Side

For mothers and daughters

pride lyric.JPG


No matter our orientation, we are all brothers and sisters.

Ordinary Day.JPG

Ordinary Day

Loss, bereavement and grief and the universal feeling of how does the world carry on just the same?

Ordinary day song card back.JPG
Black Dog.JPG
black dog lyric.JPG

Black Dog
For that special person who helps keep the black dog away

Thorn song card back.JPG

The Thorn Upon The Rose

Song Card Collection
(Choose any 4 cards) 

Please message Julie using the contact form 

collection 3.jpg
Price per collection £14.95

For anyone ordering more than one collection outside of the UK, I will calculate the cost and if you have overpaid for postage, I will refund you the difference.

The Cards
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