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Julie Matthews Art

The Secret Adventures of Theo and Reuben

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Happy Together

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Song Cards


About Julie Matthews

Julie is an award-winning singer songwriter.

For the last 27 years she has shared a musical partnership with Chris While, their career taking them all over the world, garnering critical acclaim through their albums (11 studio releases) and performances alike and gathering an army of followers around the globe.

She has written over a hundred songs for radio projects including the award winning BBC Radio 2 Radio Ballads series and has had songs covered by many other artists in various genres.

Her other musical projects include Daphne's Flight alongside Chris While, Helen Watson, Christine Collister and Melanie Harrold. Together they have released 3 studio albums. She is also a member of St Agnes Fountain, now in it's 18th year with 8 studio alums and 2 live ones under their belts.

Julie is also a studio engineer / producer, working out of the studio she shares with Chris While in South Yorkshire.

Story telling, as in the story in this, her first book, is something she is no stranger to having written songs all her life. Illustrations have always been something she has enjoyed in passing but has recently taken more seriously having produced her first children's book and illustrated 2 Album covers.

She shares a house with her musical partner and best friend Chris While in Penistone, South Yorkshire and is a proud and devoted great-aunt to Theo and Reuben.

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