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Happy Together
Further Adventures of Theo and Reuben
A book by Julie Matthews
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Happy Together is the brand new children’s book from Julie Matthews. Following on from last year’s debut, The Secret Adventures of Theo and Reuben, the latest instalment finds the twins on new adventures, dressing up in fun and exciting costumes and travelling all around the world being... well, happy together!
The latest book features interactive and educational questions with each illustration so there are always things to find and new words to learn.
Since the last book, Julie has been working with a new art programme, Procreate, introduced to her by her friend Bryan Ledgard, a brilliant artist, graphic designer and photographer. She works on an Apple iPad Pro Pro 2020 and uses an Apple Pencil.

Julie writes about the book
“When I started my first book, it was a way of giving me something positive and creative to focus on during that initial lockdown and I mistakenly assumed that by the time I finished it I would be back to doing my ‘proper’ job, touring again. I never imagined that a year later I would have completed my second book after a gruelling third lockdown, this one in winter. I really don’t do well without a project and as my musical career is still on hold, Happy Together has kept me sane, brought me joy and somehow has kept me connected to my beautiful boys. Now I can’t wait to read it to them and as they’ve grown and developed so much over the last 10 months it will be wonderful to see their reactions to the story and pictures and share the experience with them.”

Some sample pages


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