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Chris While & Julie Matthews

“They light up the room with their amazing energy” , James Taylor



Chris and Julie will have been a duo for 30 years next year! It will be a bumper year for this award winning and longest lasting female duo in 2024

Check out their dates so far here

"The undisputed queens of British folk duos continue to come up with the goods.

1st class songs delivered with to die for harmonies, immaculate musicianship and melodies that lodge themselves in your brain" 

The Guardian  

In case they’ve so far passed you by, Chris While & Julie Matthews are the longest-lasting female duo in Britain and have played more than 3,000 gigs, appeared on over 100 albums, written hundreds of original songs and reached millions of people around the world. Now, 28 years after their debut, they sound as fresh and vital as ever!

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