Happy New year everyone!

Although the year has got off to a pretty rocky start what with going into another national lock down and all the crazy, unbelievable things we have just witnessed happening in Washington DC, we have to believe in better days ahead. Days that will ensure our liberty comes with assurances of safety and good health and the knowledge too that in just two weeks there will be a new President living in the White House who is not self serving, has empathy as well as intelligence and is not a certifiable, narcissistic, misogynistic raving lunatic! (“Taxi for Trump”?).

Once the dust has settled on the holidays and we are all sufficiently bored enough to look for things to occupy our time, hearts and minds, we will resume our monthly one-off online concerts for you to enjoy live or at your leisure.

Chris is still busy with her new sewing and design business that is proving to be a fantastic success, and rightly so. I’m so proud of her and look forward at the end of each day to her coming in with the beautiful things she’s created. If you haven’t already seen her products, here they are on her website. 

One of the delights I found in this otherwise bleak day was seeing daffodils poking through in the garden with the promise of spring and all the joys that time year promises to bring with it. At the beginning of the first lock down we said if anyone knows anyone who is isolated or in any way suffering and might be cheered up with a message from us then please get in touch via our contact page and we will do our best for them. These are challenging, difficult and unprecedented times we find ourselves in but there is a light at the end of this tunnel now and what a day it will be when we come out the other end.

We really can’t wait to see you all in person again, to laugh and sing together in the same room, the same field or marquee but until then we wish you health and hope you can keep your spirits up and your hearts light.

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With very much love and best wishes

Julie and Chris